PPC TRICKS - increasing percent conversion

A. Drive Buyers to your website

Choose high traffic keywords to increase
the number of potential buyers who visit your website.

Potential buyers will use Google to locate companies
selling products they want. Focus on narrow keywords
to increase percent conversion.

It is important that you improve keyword ranking.
This is easier with a narrow keyword, than a broad keyword.

When you select a keyword, keep the following points in mind.

1) What is my percent conversion on this term?
For example, FREE GOODIES will get a lot of visitors,
but few buyers. Percent conversion is more important than traffic.
Remember, bandwidth costs you money.

2) How expensive is this particular keyword?
DIET PILL costs XXX per click,
WEIGHT LOSS TABLET costs only XXX per click.
Pick keywords that are less expensive than average
and have a high percent conversion.

3) How targeted is the phrase?
DIET gets more traffic than DIET PILL, but many people
clicking on the keyword DIET are interested in a cookbook
not in your new weight loss tablet, so you pay for a lot
of clicks that do NOT convert into buyers.
The key to increasing percent conversion is to use key phrases
that are very targeted so people who click will also buy.

B. Percent Conversion Killers

1) Do you use the word FREE to draw in traffic?
I once worked for a company that gave away free products
to draw in traffic. They went under. Buyers want to pay
for top quality products. The word FREE is a turnoff.

2) Have you bought cheap clicks from a traffic seller?
In life you get what you pay for. Cheap clicks are just that - CHEAP!
Do not expect to get a lot of sales from cheap clicks.
This will kill your percent conversion.