Finding money on the internet

Top Picks for Getting Money on the Web

Here are some new web sites to consider that will we hope add to your enjoyment of life as well as some coin. Most of these products are new arrivals and we will compare them to old stand by products

Many new companies are appearing with new compensation models, the key is to have fresh new crisp content.

You can start a conversation where you get paid to promote a product on your blog. They key is to have a good new product to talk about that might interest your readers. Keeping them informed about what you have NEW will keep them coming back for more info.

You get about $20 per post to review a new web site and the company is new on the market so I have not tried them yet. I hope to soon though. They are starting out, but seem to be interesting to watch.

The big daddy of the pay per post industry is PAYPERPOST. They are great! I use PPP as I call them as both an advertiser and a publisher.

PPP pays a postie about $5/post and that does not sound like much, but a five dollar post takes about 15 minutes to write so you are getting $20/hour. You need to have a PayPal account to get paid.

For the advertizer you cannot beat PAYPERPOST in getting low cost links from the blog world. Instead of paying $20/month for a low traffic low PR web site that probably has at least 20 links per page, you are only paying about $5 per post total.

Also most search engines look at blogs to find new web sites, so you can easily boost the PR on your blog by getting posties to link to your new web sites as well as promote your new product.

You get for that $5

1) Content about your product
2) A link to your website
3) A picture of your product

Your per click can be less than a penny a click in contrast to buying links from link sellers where it can be a lot more. All in all, an excellent product.




I used Epinions a lot in the past, but I get about ten cents a post, less than 50 cents an hour. Still it was good experience and I think that it is still around. In the old days you could make over a dollar with a really good post, not sure if that is still true.

Still worth a visit to see how to review a product.



This web site pays you for your photos. It is a great site where you can find pro quality stock for about a buck a photo. You will not get rich here, but it could put some profit in your pocket. Get that digital camera out, and take a few pictures



This is a great way to make money on the internet. Get rid of old junk and make money. It is so easy that many people are doing it. All you need is some junk to sell (look in your closet) and a digital camera,

It is easy to make thousands on EBAY every day.