2006 High KEI Keywords

Found using Wordtracker Software

I have located the following high KEI keywords.
Finding popular keywords with little competition and many clicks will help you in your SEO,
or search engine optimization.

Always try to find areas that have little competition so that you can sell your products without drowning in a sea of similar website. Look at all the open options.

Highkei Keyphrases

"art deco abstract sculpture" 13265.820 RED HOT
"cartoon network anime" 2809.000
"mod kits for gas scooters" 1444.000

"center of pressure in water rockets" 841.000
"thin photovoltaic panels" 784.000
"bay area home carpet cleaning" 540.976
"mount hope winery" 380.278
"free calligraphy alphabet" 318.878
"toyota type IV transmission fluid" 289.000
"biography julius caesar" 261.807
"bilingualism in politics" 191.258
"heelys tricks" 156.250
"fishermens superstition about bananas" 120.000
"ghost hunters moon river brewery" 100.000

More Keywords

"Treat My Own Termites" 4880.333
"bale king hay wagon" 1877.778
"flea and heartworm dog medication" 1296.000
"Chinese medicine cancer chemotherapy detox" 1123.978

"Illegal Aliens Hurt Or Help America" 841.000
"John Deer Tractor Rims" 841.000
"west virginia child labor law" 800.333
"shading techniques using crayons" 784.000
"yellow cab lyrics" 400
"What Are the Symptoms of Rat Poison" 225.000
"Requirements to Become a Veterinarian" 224.024
"ostrich headstalls" 210.125
"Bacteria of Botulism" 112.500
"recipes milk thistle" 100.000

More High KEI Keywords will soon be added.